Jason Cherry Racing Partnered with Autism Society of AmericaThis past weekend was successful for multiple reasons…the obvious reasons being that I was able to bring home two 3rd place finishes and the Cadillac Best Move of the Race Award. Round 9, a rain race,┬ácan be found here and Round 10, a dry race, can be found here.





I consider myself successful this past weekend not only because of my racing results but because of how I was able to give back to the community. I was able to work with local Autism Society of America chapters to bring children, families, and siblings who have autism or have been impacted by autism to the track. With a turn out of 20+ people, I spent my Saturday with these families who had a passion for motorsports and racing. It was joyous to watch these children’s faces open up with smiles as they sat in the race cars, and I could see how much precious moments like this meant to the families and siblings.

I would like to thank the Autism Society of America for the continued support!

Jason Cherry Racing Partnered with Autism Society of America

Sophie with her brother Henry who is on the Autism Spectrum

I would also like to thank my sponsors:

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